Use Gas with
the TokenTact Platform
and Receive Your Payout!

Gas energy ensures the stability, reliability, and high performance of the bot, enabling continuous real-time processing of vast amounts of data. This innovative solution makes our platform unique and allows users to effectively manage their trading strategies, ensuring stable income in the volatile cryptocurrency markets.

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Each user is entitled to a monthly payout for using gas, averaging from $30 to $250
Why Have We Decided to Pay You?

Support for Environmentally
Friendly Energy Sources:

Gas is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional energy resources, promoting sustainable development
and ecological responsibility
in cryptocurrency trading.

Additional Source of Income:

The payout for using gas provides users with an additional income source, making their trading more profitable and attractive.

Conditions for Receiving a Payout

Platform Activity: The more active a user is on the platform, the higher their monthly payout. This includes the number of trades, trading volumes, and the use of various platform tools and features.

Volume of Gas Used:
The payout depends on the volume of gas used by the user during trading. The more actively a user utilizes gas to operate the TokenTact bot, the higher their monthly payout.

Duration of Platform Use: Users who remain on the platform for a long time and regularly use it can receive additional bonuses or increased payouts.

Bringing in New Users: Users receive additional bonuses for referring new users to the platform.

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