TokenTact Crypto Trading Bot

How TokenTact Works

16 trading bots

TokenTact utilizes trading bots and algorithms to execute trades automatically on behalf of users. After connecting TokenTact to their desired exchange account via API, users can configure one of the 16 available trading bots based on their preferred strategy.


These bots can execute trades 24/7 according to the technical indicators, buy/sell signals, and parameters set by the user. Strategies like grid trading, arbitration, and DCA buying are made simple through TokenTact’s bot configurations.


The platform is cloud-based so the trading bots execute all trades server-side. Users can monitor positions, customize bots, and manage settings through TokenTact’s easy-to-use web interface and mobile apps for Android and iOS.


Key Features of TokenTact

  • 16 Pre-built trading bots – Automate strategies like grid, DCA, arbitration without coding
  • Intuitive bot configuration – Customize with just a few clicks
  • Free trading – No commission or monthly fees
  • High leverage – Up to 125x leverage available
  • Mobile apps – iOS & Android apps to monitor anywhere
  • Portfolio management – View profit/loss across exchanges in one dashboard
  • Secure API connections – Read-only API keys for added security

Ready to elevate your crypto trading experience?

Discover the power of TokenTact, your gateway to seamless and automated cryptocurrency trading!


Signing Up for a TokenTact Account

Registering an account on TokenTact only takes a minute. Users just need to enter an email and password to sign up.

For added security, TokenTact also supports 2FA authentication through Google Authenticator. Once registered, users can connect their exchange accounts (Binance, Huobi, KuCoin etc) and start configuring trading bots quickly.


Is TokenTact Safe to Use?

Based on our experience, TokenTact employs adequate security measures to keep user funds and data protected:

  • Read-only API keys prevent withdrawal of funds by TokenTact
  • 2FA authentication available
  • No KYC required – user privacy maintained
  • DDoS protection and data encryption to prevent breaches

However, we still advise users to only connect exchange accounts using API keys with restricted permissions for better protection.

Trade Across Exchanges: Connect with confidence! TokenTact supports major cryptocurrency exchanges, providing you with a unified trading experience across platforms.


Exchanges Supported

TokenTact offers native integration with the following major cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • KuCoin
  • MXC
  • Ascendex
  • MEXC

By supporting these top global exchanges, TokenTact provides users access to hundreds of cryptocurrency markets to trade using bots.


User Reviews of TokenTact

David S.


I’ve tried other paid crypto bots before, but TokenTact beats them hands down on price and functionality. I have four different grid bots running smoothly with clear visibility thanks to their interface. The free tier and leverage they provide makes a big difference!

Amy Jones


As a crypto beginner, I was lost trying to figure out trading bots and algorithms. TokenTact makes the process so much easier – just connect my exchange, pick a strategy and adjust the settings. In a few months my portfolio has grown 10% using their grid bots to DCA into the market.

Ryan W.


I have background coding trading algorithms, so I was skeptical TokenTact could provide a good automated trading solution without needing to code. But their preset bots cover about 90% of what I would want to program myself out of the box. And if I want to tweak the logic further, their bot configurations give enough customization options.

Stephen G

Business owner

I was wary of connecting my exchange API keys initially, but TokenTact seems to handle security well with read-only access and 2FA authentication. I also like that no KYC is needed. For the free service they provide, I’m impressed with the measures they take to protect user data and funds.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate the crypto market effortlessly with our intuitive interface. TokenTact is designed to empower users of all levels, making crypto trading accessible to everyone.

TokenTact Customer Support

TokenTact offers customer support through email, in-app chat, and Telegram. Based on our experience, response times are quite prompt – usually within 12 hours. Support guides and FAQs are also available on their site.

Considering it’s a free platform, TokenTact Customer support is quite reliable and responsive in solving user issues.

The Bottom Line – Is TokenTact Worth Using?

For cryptocurrency investors and traders looking to automate their strategies, TokenTact delivers ample value:

  • Intuitive bot trading suitable for beginners
  • Cloud-based infrastructure for 24/7 bot trading
  • Free trading and high leverage as a bonus
  • Solid security measures & customer support

The platform takes the complexity out of bot trading, with no coding required. After testing TokenTact extensively, our recommendation is to give it try – especially for grid and DCA trading strategies. Starting is quick and free to determine if it fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TokenTact completely free to use?

Yes, TokenTact does not charge any subscription fees or commissions. The only charges are regular trading/funding fees from connected crypto exchanges. The trading bots and platform features are free.

How long does TokenTact account verification take?

TokenTact does not require identity verification or KYC documents. Accounts can be created instantly without approval delays.

What level of coding skill is needed for TokenTact?

No coding background is necessary! TokenTact’s web interface and mobile apps provide an intuitive way to configure trading bots visually without needing to code.

What is the maximum number of bots supported per account?

TokenTact allows running up to 10 bots simultaneously on a single account based on user testing. For large-scale professional use, contacting TokenTact support to request more bot allowances is recommended.

Can I run TokenTact bots if I’m a US-based user?

Unfortunately at this time, TokenTact restricts access to users from the United States and a handful of other regions due to regulations. Most other countries globally can utilize TokenTact’s platform and trading bots.

TokenTact Crypto Trading Bot

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